Christmas is almost here! [12/07/09]

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I know it's been forever! Sorry about that! Hope every had a great Thanksgiving. It's cold here in Austin so I'm sure it's FREEZiNG everywhere else!


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Sorry I've abandoned you dear blog! I will be back shortly with a quality blog! lol
Rest in Peace to my wonderful Aunt Kim who passed away last night. Losing family always makes you stop and think about your own life. You will be greatly missed & I have full faith & confidence that you're in a much better place.


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There comes a time
In Everyone's life
When all you can see are
the y e a r s passing by.

I'm Gonna Smile Because I [Deserve] To.

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It's been a long time coming
but I think I've finally learned to let go.
I'd be lying if I said I've completely forgotten about him but I'm at a place where moving on is possible.

Only time will tell for sure but I haven't felt like this since when I first met him.

I'm so glad I finally let someone else in.

Even if this one doesn't last I know it will do me some good.

Oh well. Needless to say I'm veryyyy excited to see what the future has in store for me.

"Sometime's goodbye is a second chance."

The Greatest Fan of Your Life.

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Had a good weekend; spent it with that one guy.

Music of My Heart.

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"Sometimes 2 hearts just can't dance to the same beat; so I'll pack up my things & I'll take what remains of me."

"I see you leaning; you're bound to fall. I don't wanna be that mistake. I'm just a dreamer & nothing more; You should know it before it gets too late."

"There comes a time in everyone's life when a l l you can see are the years passing by. & I have made up my mind that those days are gone."

"People are people & sometime's we change our minds; still it's killing me to see you go after all this time."

"These are some good times, so take a good look around. You may not know it now; but you're gonna miss this."

"It's k i l l i n g Me to stand here & see I'm not what you've been dreaming of."

"Remember when you're talking to the Man Upstairs that just because he might not answer doesn't mean he don't care; Some of God's Greatest Gifts are Unanswered Prayers."

"If you should ever find someone new, I know he'd better be good to you."

"Here's a map & here's a bible; If you ever lose you way."

"There are times when I hate you but I don't complain, 'cause I've been afraid that you would walk away."

The Game.

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I can't for the LIFE of me understand why BET hasn't picked up the show yet for new seasons.

This show has single-handedly managed to save their little raggedy ass network! BET catches so much backlash for having poor ratings so why would they not keep around the show that brings them viewers??!

I NEVER watched BET before they began syndicating The Game. I've already watched all the episodes on YouTube though, including the last one they taped with Derwin & Melanie's wedding, so the reruns they KEEP showing are old & played out! It's time for them to start showing season 3 and filming season 4! This is what they need to save their network!

I loved you all Along.

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*The only thing I've ever been SURE i want to do in life is get married!

2. Koala bears are my favorite animal!

3. I usually order strawberry lemonades at restaurants ...or a margarita if they don't card me! lol

4. I hate sweeping. Probably because i have a hard to using the broom. IDK. It like wasn't invented right!

5. I'm always randomly quoting something! Usually a movie, a song, or an inside joke.

6. Australia gives me hope for the world!

7. I'm a baking machines! I loveeee baking stuff!

8. Don't call me, I'll call you. Maybe. Possibly. Probably not. I do not like talking on the phone except to one person. And we don't talk anymore. So yeah! lol

9. I like a do the cha cha like a sissy girl!


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New layout! I'll be fixing it up a little later when i have time!

Giant Pandas

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Sydney, September 23 : BBC wildlife presenter and conservationist Chris Packham has stirred controversy after calling on wildlife groups to let giant pandas go extinct because of their inability to effectively evolve.

Packham said that it’s the pandas own fault that they have not adapted to the modern environment and they are only surviving because of human intervention.

“It’s not a strong species. I reckon we should pull the plug ... let them go, with a degree of dignity,” he added.

He said that the pandas’ “cute” looks and demeanour has caused valuable funding to be diverted from helping animals that have a chance of surviving without human assistance in the future.

His comments were criticized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which uses a picture of a giant panda as its logo.

“Pandas face extinction because of poaching and humans moving into their habitat. If left alone, then they function perfectly well,” he added.

According to the WWF, there is believed to be more than 1600 giant pandas in the wild. The organisation said the panda population currently lives in about 20 small regions in China.

What a jackass! Pandas are a part of this world just as we are. Humans have single-handedly managed to destroy it and this peasant expects the pandas to pay the costs.

I understand we're the dominant species but we shouldn't neglect the importance of others. When the Flood hit in the Bible, did God say "Hey Noah build that ark and just round up the humans and save em!" NO. He had him put 2 of each animal on the boat because their preservation was just as important as that of the human race!

Who cares how much money it costs? We as a human race should really see how much damage we're actually causing our planets when other species are no longer able to survive on it.


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Starting to feel a bit better...I've been hella sick
like the entire week
so I'm happy to get a little relief!

Kanye West.

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So yeah he's a jackass but it's time we get over it now people.

I'm sooo sick of hearing about it at this point.

I hate when attention craving heathens get're giving them what they want!

Stop! Stop & they'll stop.

I had strong opinions about the West/Swift incident (I tweeted during the VMA's) but it's old news & I'm over it.

I still think people on Kanye's side are ignorant morons

but let's put the situation behind us &

pretend Kanye doesn't exist! Kay? Thanks!
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Blah. I'm in such a "blah" mood today. It's Friday---& Labor day weekend---and I'm not up to much! Surprise eh?

I think my soul is getting old! Lol

So I have like a whopping 7 followers now!

Yay me!

I talked to that one guy today. Mistake? Maybe. Only time will tell.

But it was Just Like Clock Work. I ALWAYS know when I can expect to hear from him.

My back gum on the right side of my mouth has been hurting like hellll the past day and a half! =O

So that one guy who's txts made me smile the other day...remember?? Well, I smiled again today. & yesterday!

But I don't think anything will become of it. & that's quite alright with me. It just feels good to smile because of a boy =)

I haven't did the robot in like over a week. Maybe I'll hit it tonight?.

I've been tweeting Anderson Cooper the past 2 days...he hasn't tweeted me back yet. I Love Him!

George Lopez is the shizz bizz. The Lopez Labor Day marathon on Nick has definitely kept me up well past 3am the past few days!

Tis all for now world!


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Sooo I absolutely c a n n o t believe it's already September!

It's only THREEEE months left in 2009! Wowzerrss. Time is flying by. That's L I F E though, eh?.

I can't believe I'll be 21 in the next handful of months. Baby is getting OLD! & like everyone from highschool has kid(S) and are married and ish. Oh my.!

I still haven't quite figured out what I want out of life other than the obvious (love, marriage, family, and my koala bear). It'll come to me when it's suppose to though.

Some days I still can't believe we aren't together.

Other days I can't believe I'm fine...good...GREAT without you.

Recently someone else's txt msg made me smile. It felt good.

I never thought we'd get to the point where we went weeks (soon to be months) without talking.

I miss my bestfriend like I never thought I could miss another girl! LOL "no homo"

Someone recently made me realize how much I missed the affection of a man. I hope he never sees this because I'm sure he'll know I'm talking about him lol

I haven't seen my parents in a while...I miss them!

I realized I get the angriest with the person closest to me. I don't think that'll ever change...and maybe we aren't meant to be "friends".

Once upon a time I believed in forever, not anymore.

I've become one of the happiest girls ever...when everything was going wrong. Ironic.

I haven't waited for anyone's txt other than his in yrs...until today :)

I'm not sure where my life is headed...but I'm ready for change, and excited for new things. People, things, & life are continually changing. I'm just doing my best to keep up while getting what I want and deserve out of life;; All while trying to please God and remain grateful and grounded.

I'm sure bumpy roads lie ahead of me so I'll enjoy the smooth pathways while I have 'em.

Why in the hell am I awake?

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So i had a headache from hell earlier.

&& I slept alllll day. Like all day.

And so now of course I'm not sleepy. But here's the kicker---i still have the headache from hell!


Pure madness.

Anyway...things are going pretty smoothly right now. I'm starting to feel more & more like an adult everyday! Yay me! (London Tipton voice)

Slowly but surely me & this whole life thing are starting to agree :)

Good luck!

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So the little bro is in Iowa! He'll be runing his first race (the open 100) today!

Yay! I'm so proud of him. Can't believe he'll be going to highschool this year. They grow up sooo fast!


I'll update throughout the week as they begin to run their races and stuff!



So he ran earlier (his open 100) && got first in his heat! He'll be advancing to Wednesday's semi-finals =D
Who cares if he got dunked on??

Everyone acts like he's Jesus Christ himself and it's blasphemy to do such a thing!

Please! People need to let LJ be! They caused a big spectacle after that hand shake, or lack thereof, incident and now this!


Being dunked on happens to the best and I'm sure it'll do some good for his character.

Almost 4 am....

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So it's like 3:50 something in the morning and I'm definitely not sleepy.

Still haven't got into blogging hardcore but I haven't lost hope!

Guess i'll gradually start telling the world about myself. Why? Because I'm mother effing fascinating!

Sooo I guess today's/tonight's post will be about my fave!

Most people know my fave genre is country but I pretty much love everything!

Some of my alllll time fave songs!

Goodbye Time, What I wouldn't Give, and If This is Austin-- Blake Shelton..."Cant you tell this is Austin? && I still love you"..."It's been fun, what else can I say? if the feeling's gone words won't stop you anyway."

Moving On, Winner at a Losing Game, Why, The Day Before You, and Waiting all my life---Rascal Flatts (clearly I hardcore adore them!)...."Yeah baby it's killing me to stand here and see I'm not what you've been dreaming of"..."it's not like you to walk away in the middle of a song"---just fabulous ish!

Song Cry--JayZ..

.I want it That way, Drive Myself Crazy, and Tearin' up my heart--N Sync...

Incomplete---Backstreet Boys

Come In with the Rain, I'd Lie, and of course Tear Drops on My Guitar---Taylor Swift

The Woman with You---Kenny Chesney

Monday Morning Church--Alan Jackson (what a babeee!)

Brown Eyes--Destiny's Child

It's Tricky!---Run DMC

Reba && Kenny Chesney's Every other Weekend...loveeee that one!---"Falling For forever was a big mistake"

You & Me, and Somewhere In Between---Lifehouse..."This is over my head but underneath my feet, 'cause by tomorrow morning I'll have This thing beat"

Okay....its after 4 and I have to get up at 8 and head to ATX in the morning! But I shall continue this list! *muah*
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So, I'm making a few significant changes. Well, the changes are minor but the results will be significant.

Woke up kinda late today. Missed the whole 12:34:56 07/o8/09 thing! AGHH!

STuff like that excites me so I'm a bit bummed about that.

I've never been a blogger so I'm still not sure what the boundaries and limits are; if there are any at all.
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Okay so welcome to Blogspot Jaeleon! Thanks! This is my first post, obviously. Not sureee what to put or how this works but I'm sure I'll have this up and running soon enough so hang tight world!