Why in the hell am I awake?

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So i had a headache from hell earlier.

&& I slept alllll day. Like all day.

And so now of course I'm not sleepy. But here's the kicker---i still have the headache from hell!


Pure madness.

Anyway...things are going pretty smoothly right now. I'm starting to feel more & more like an adult everyday! Yay me! (London Tipton voice)

Slowly but surely me & this whole life thing are starting to agree :)

Good luck!

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So the little bro is in Iowa! He'll be runing his first race (the open 100) today!

Yay! I'm so proud of him. Can't believe he'll be going to highschool this year. They grow up sooo fast!


I'll update throughout the week as they begin to run their races and stuff!



So he ran earlier (his open 100) && got first in his heat! He'll be advancing to Wednesday's semi-finals =D