Who cares if he got dunked on??

Everyone acts like he's Jesus Christ himself and it's blasphemy to do such a thing!

Please! People need to let LJ be! They caused a big spectacle after that hand shake, or lack thereof, incident and now this!


Being dunked on happens to the best and I'm sure it'll do some good for his character.

Almost 4 am....

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So it's like 3:50 something in the morning and I'm definitely not sleepy.

Still haven't got into blogging hardcore but I haven't lost hope!

Guess i'll gradually start telling the world about myself. Why? Because I'm mother effing fascinating!

Sooo I guess today's/tonight's post will be about my fave thing...music!

Most people know my fave genre is country but I pretty much love everything!

Some of my alllll time fave songs!

Goodbye Time, What I wouldn't Give, and If This is Austin-- Blake Shelton..."Cant you tell this is Austin? && I still love you"..."It's been fun, what else can I say? if the feeling's gone words won't stop you anyway."

Moving On, Winner at a Losing Game, Why, The Day Before You, and Waiting all my life---Rascal Flatts (clearly I hardcore adore them!)...."Yeah baby it's killing me to stand here and see I'm not what you've been dreaming of"..."it's not like you to walk away in the middle of a song"---just fabulous ish!

Song Cry--JayZ..

.I want it That way, Drive Myself Crazy, and Tearin' up my heart--N Sync...

Incomplete---Backstreet Boys

Come In with the Rain, I'd Lie, and of course Tear Drops on My Guitar---Taylor Swift

The Woman with You---Kenny Chesney

Monday Morning Church--Alan Jackson (what a babeee!)

Brown Eyes--Destiny's Child

It's Tricky!---Run DMC

Reba && Kenny Chesney's Every other Weekend...loveeee that one!---"Falling For forever was a big mistake"

You & Me, and Somewhere In Between---Lifehouse..."This is over my head but underneath my feet, 'cause by tomorrow morning I'll have This thing beat"

Okay....its after 4 and I have to get up at 8 and head to ATX in the morning! But I shall continue this list! *muah*
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So, I'm making a few significant changes. Well, the changes are minor but the results will be significant.

Woke up kinda late today. Missed the whole 12:34:56 07/o8/09 thing! AGHH!

STuff like that excites me so I'm a bit bummed about that.

I've never been a blogger so I'm still not sure what the boundaries and limits are; if there are any at all.
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Okay so welcome to Blogspot Jaeleon! Thanks! This is my first post, obviously. Not sureee what to put or how this works but I'm sure I'll have this up and running soon enough so hang tight world!